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Mary Matha

Manager’s Message

Mary Matha Mary Matha CMI Public School, true to its name, has been following a strong legacy and a noble tradition that enables the young buds to be fruitful and dynamic in their real life situation. In the present scenario, “The new normal”, the terminology derived from the context of Covid-19 pandemic situation urges us to be pragmatic rather than an idealist. Mere conceptual knowledge and Utopian ideas are no more relevant, not even beneficial to the real life of the students. So we have to remodel the whole curriculum in the light of new educational policy of India, avoiding the portions where narrow minded ideas are incorporated.

Excellence and employability are the two keywords, often discussed and utilized through the world today. Medeocrity and average performance have no place in the fast growing, but most vulnerable economic and social systems in the Universe.

In this context, let me express my views on true education. True education is training of both the head and the heart. An uneducated thief may steal from the freight car but educated one may steal the entire railroad. We need to compete for knowledge and wisdom and not for grades. Knowledge is piling up facts, Wisdom is simplifying it. One could have good grades and a degree and still not learn much. The most important thing one can learn is to “Learn to Learn”. People confused education with the ability to memorize facts. Education of the mind without morels creates a maniac in the society. So IQ may be transformed to EQ. (Intelligence Quotient and Emotional Quotient)

A little narration of emotional quotient is worth. Let us therefore describe here the seven major positive emotions and the seven major negative emotions, so that you may draw upon the positive and avoid the negative when giving instructions to your subconscious mind.

The Seven Major Positive Emotions :
The Emotion of Desire
The Emotion of Faith
The Emotion of Love
The Emotion of Sex
The Emotion of Enthusiasm
The Emotion of Romance
The Emotion of Hope.
There are other positive emotions but these are most powerful and most commonly used ones in creative efforts.
Master these seven emotions and the other positive emotions will be at your command when you need them.
The Seven Major Negative Emotions (to be avoided):
The Emotion of Fear
The Emotion of Jealousy
The Emotion of Hatred
The Emotion of Revenge
The Emotion of Greed
The Emotion of Superstition
The Emotion of Anger
Positive and Negative emotions cannot occupy the mind at the same time. One or the other must dominate. It is your responsibility to make sure that positive emotions constitute the dominating influence of your mind. Here the law of habit will come to your aid. From the habit of applying and using the positive emotions eventually, they will dominate your mind so completely that the negative cannot enter it.
Think Positive
Say Positive
Act Positive
Then, the world is yours, future is yours. Wish you all great success and peaceful co-existence in the context of “New Normal”.