Mary Matha CMI Public School, the most trusted name in education, with the endeavours of preserving the moral fibre as well as academic preeminence, invites you to the best outward looking perspective, offering extensive facilities for the world-class education with full integration of cutting ed   ||  

Mary Matha


Mary Matha is rich in extensive collection of books, periodicals and newspapers that cater to all age groups in the school. A large variety of books are available covering various categories, language and subjects.

The following rules are strictly observed in the library.

  • The library is ‘Silence Zone’, therefore strict silence should be maintained.
  • Reference books cannot be borrowed and must be used only in the library.
  • A time period of 14 days from the date of issue is given for returning books.
  • Disfigured or damaged book will have to be replaced or paid for by the borrower.
Mary Matha