• All students come under rules from the beginning of the journey to school the end of their journey back home.
  • Pupils should, at all times maintain a high standard of manners in their words and deeds.
  • Informal dress is permitted only on Saturdays (classes I to V) or on the child’s birthday.
  • Pupils should always be dressed in the prescribed school uniform or sports uniform, wherever applicable.
  • Pupil should reach the school before the first bell; no late coming is tolerated. The students who reach the school campus early, should be in their classrooms and spend their time in silent study. Late comers should meet the Principal, explain the reason and get his sign in the prescribed page before going to class.
  • Speaking English is compulsory at the school premises, in the school bus and at the bus stops while waiting to board the bus.
  • Students shall be responsible for the safe custody of their belongings. As a precautionary measure, it is Suggested that they have their name inscribed on articles like tiffin carriers, school bags, pencil boxes etc. The school authorities will not be responsible for the loss of articles by students.
  • At the first bell, both students and staff shall assemble in the court-yard in the class order. On dispersal the students move to their own class rooms in perfect order, together with their class teacher at the rear of line.
  • When the teacher enters the class room, all the students stand up, greet him / her and remain standing until they are asked to sit. They shall thank the teacher when the class is over.
  • Students shall not leave their class room during or in between two periods, but remain silent and prepare for the next period. They shall not enter any other class room other than his / her own at any time. They must not bring to school valuable and curious articles, books, magazines etc., not prescribed in syllabus. They are advised not to wear gold ornaments.
  • An atmosphere of silence must be maintained by everyone during working hours in classrooms, staff rooms and office.
  • Lost articles must be claimed from the school office within a week, after which period unclaimed articles will be disposed off. Any damage caused to the property of the school must be immediately reported to the principal and will have to be made good.
  • Classrooms and the school premises ought to be kept neat and tidy. All waste papers must be put in the proper receptacle. Students must make it a point to pick up and dispose of litter and care for the good appearance of the school. They should always take care that display boards, walls, furniture, shelves, black boards etc. are kept neat and in order.
  • No collection of any kind whatsoever, and no selling or buying shall be done among the students or staff in the school premises. No meeting, party or picnic or any kind organized school activity shall be arranged without the previous approval of the Principal. Parents are earnestly requested to make no personal gifts to staff members.

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